Madmaheshwar Trekking Tour

Madhyamaheshwar second temple in the series of holy Panch Kedar a beautiful trek.

Ransi Village is the last point of the road from where 16 kms easy trek ends up at Madmaheshwar. At Madhyamaheshwar Temple entire village shows their presence at the evening aarti performed at the temple and the guests are greeted. One can feel the spiritual vibes in the proximity of the temple. The locals refer Madhyamaheshwar to as Madhamaheshwar which literally means the Drunken god.

Madhmaheshwar is the second temple in the series of holy Panch Kedar, first one being Kedarnath. As Mahabharata story after killing their cousins at the war, Pandavas started their journey to visit Lord Shiva to wash their sins. Lord Shiva wanted to avoid them as he was deeply incensed by the death and dishonesty at the Kurukshetra war. Therefore, he disguised in the form of a bull (Nandi) and disappeared into the ground with different parts of the body appearing at various places. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of navel – shaped lingum in Madhmaheshwar.

At an altitude of 3497 mtrs is located Madhmeshwar temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Among the five temples of Panch Kedar it is the second temple which is visited after Kedarnath. After the visit of Madhmeshwar, Tungnath is to be visited. It is said that these temples are built by Pandavs. Madhmeshwar means the middle or belly part or navel of the bull, considered a divine of Shiva.
In the route to Madhmeshwar from Haridwar to Rudraprayag and Ukhimath, the trek further takes us to Ransi, which has a very old temple built of stones. From Uniana to Madhmeshwar the entire trek is distinguished by wild unparallel scenic beauty in the full view of Chaukhamba, Kedarnath and Neelkantha peaks all along the route. Monal pheasant and Kasturi Deer abound in the area.


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